Time Your Office Relocation and Save

Office relocation

Office relocation is a lot of work and a stressful time for businesses.

When it isn’t planned well, it could lead to disruption in productivity, costing your business money.

There’s also a set end date for the lease and a tight deadline to follow to avoid complications.

Make relocating office less of a headache with these 5 tips for a smooth and easy move.


TIP 1: Prepare your office relocation ahead of time.

Map out all your lease and office relocation stages. Allow approximately 12 weeks for property search and negotiations and 16 weeks for fitout. Allowing for a 4 week cross over period, approximate 24 weeks (or half a year) from end to end without breathing space.

We recommend allowing 12 months to allow for a smooth process and lease tie ins. When a project is rushed and the pressure is on, and the service providers and landlords know it, you will not be able to seek competitive costs. They will know you don’t have the luxury of time at your disposal. You lose the competitive advantage.


TIP 2. Know exactly what you’re looking for.

Plan the outcome you’re after for your office relocation. Prepare the criteria for your new space and stick to it.


TIP 3. Be prepared to move quickly.

If you are requesting a heads of agreement, be prepared to move quickly. Good space and good opportunities don’t last long.


TIP 4.  Understand your own procurement process.

Know all the steps to signing off on a property commitment and know who is involved in the office relocation. Know how long it takes to raise a deposit and bank guarantee. Importantly, keep agents and building owners informed of your approval progress.


TIP 5.  Ensure you’re familiar with the commercial terms in the state you are doing the property leasing deal.

Laws and terminology are different from state to state. Things can be missed and you certainly don’t want costly delays to your office relocation. There’s also the make good clause in your lease agreement where you’ll need to return your space back to it’s original condition.


If you’re relocating and need help with fitout and make good of your office, have a chat with the team at Agero, the office fitout and make good experts.</p