Tenancy Compliance - Avoiding costly mistakes early

Our team has worked extensively to create a Free and Fast Due Diligence process to provide clients with expert qualified advice on Building Permit Compliance, Disability Codes and Essential Services matters.

Avoid future surprise and financial risk to your business by being fully aware of all your current and/or future tenancy compliance risks. Take full advantage of our Free Due Diligence before committing to that next space and avoid the risk of finding hidden surprises during your project.

Space Planning + Design Construct Model

Connect into one of our design team to receive your complimentary Space Plan. Test Fit the size, rooms, areas and number of occupants before making a commitment to tenancy.

Initial Space Planning will provide exceptional insights into tenancy usage, coupled with our Compliance Assessments, you will be well positioned to move forward with your Office Fitout utilising the Design and Construct Model

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