commercial Refurbishment & Renovation

Refresh your workplace for a modern look and feel or renovate existing space to optimise and reduce real estate costs.

Commercial refurbishment

COVID-19 has accelerated the need to rethink and redesign the workplace into cleaner, more efficient workspaces that support working various models of working.

A commercial refurbishment can be a simple and cost effective way to reinvigorate a tired or outdated fitout or optimise under-utilised space. There are many reasons why you may want to consider refurbishing or renovating your office, warehouse or store.

Excess space can be redeployed into functional spaces that meet the needs of your current workforce or rented out to reduce costs. You may want to redesign the layout of your office to improve efficiency and productivity of employees. For businesses planning to return to the workplace, ensuring a safe environment consistent with public health guidance is crucial.

With rapid shifts in the workplace and the way customers interact with businesses, A refurbishment or renovation can help facilitate these new changes in the way we work.

As commercial refurbishment and fitout specialists, Agero has helped businesses transform their workplaces into innovative and exciting spaces. We can help you to:

  • Redesign your space for better functionality and foot traffic flow
  • Renovate your space for redeployment in a post-COVID business environment
  • Refurbish your space for a contemporary, inviting look and feel for staff, clients and visitors
  • Modernise your space to reinvigorate your brand, strengthen culture and boost morale
Commercial refurbishment for post COVID
Commercial refurbishment and renovation

Are you after a commercial refurbishment or renovation for your office, shop, warehouse or hospitality venue? Speak to us about helping you with:

  • Available business grants
  • Government secured business lending
  • Low doc unsecured finance options through our trusted partner network
  • Instant asset tax write-off incentives
  • Redeploying left-over space back into the market to lower real estate costs


Not sure whether to renovate or refurbish? Let the experts at Agero identify the opportunities and set you up to make an informed decision.