Make good & stripout

Make Good & Stripout

For a smooth make good and stripout process once a lease comes to an end.

If your lease is ending or you are relocating, then it’s probably time to return your space to the landlord in its original condition.

For tenants, let Agero remove the stress and financial pitfalls of your make good and stripout so you can concentrate on running your business.

Whether your lease is coming to an end or you’re terminating early, we can liaise with your landlord or managing agent and complete all demolition, removal, painting and repair works, allowing you to hand back the premise in-line with your lease obligations.

And if you’re a landlord, we can help define, cost and program any make good and stripout works. Probity, technical expertise & certainty as-standard.

Make good & stripout
Make good & sustainable stripout

a sustainable stripout – better for the community, planet and your wallet

Did you know over 50,000 tonnes of stripout waste including glass, metals, carpet, furniture and ceiling tiles goes into landfill each year? Agero is here to help tenants, building owners and landlords reduce waste through an improved stripout process that facilitates resource recovery and a circular economy.

As part of the make good and stripout process, we work with our sister business, Sustainable Stripout, to develop a resource recovery plan to repurpose redundant fitout materials:

  • Unwanted fitout, furniture & equipment are repurposed, reused or sold so you avoid expensive landfill costs
  • At least 70% of stripout waste is diverted from landfill
  • All profits from the resource recovery activities is donated to a charity of your choice or support our mission to build a Youth Centre in Melbourne

So when you make good, you can also do good and feel good knowing your business is contributing to the sustainability of our environment and supporting the communities and organisations that matter to you most.