Early Contractor Consultancy

Mitigate risks and reduce development and project delivery time with early contractor consultancy.

Early Contractor Consultancy & Workplace Strategy

Get greater certainty over your project costs, program and risks before you start.

Early Contractor Consultancy & Workplace Strategy

Engage Agero as an early contractor consultant before your construction project to improve delivery outcomes. By involving us right from the start, we’ll be able to advise on the buildability of the design and improve management of risks, health and safety. We can also assist with project and cost planning, construction programming and identify opportunities for improvement. Early engagement allows for competitive procurement and establishment of resources and thus potential for greater innovation.

Our early contractor consultancy services for landlords & tenants include:

  • workplace strategy workshops
  • capex budget analysis
  • cost planning development
  • buildability advice
  • preliminary design, procurement and programming
  • risk mitigation strategies
  • safety and compliance planning

Creating a workplace strategy aligned to your business goals

A workplace strategy is a blueprint for how your workplace environment, people, technology and processes supports your overall business objectives and goals. Whether your gearing up for expansion, aiming to increase revenue, looking to reduce costs or are wanting to attract and retain top talent, a well thought out workplace strategy can help you achieve these goals.

With COVID-19 accelerating workplace trends and changing how and where we work, keeping ahead of work preferences and understanding employee preferences will form an important part of your workplace strategy, particularly for businesses looking to reopen their offices.

Rethink your current worklace design and layout to find areas where you can optimise space and budgets and improve business performance. Foster innovation and empower employees to do their best work through appealing and flexible spaces that suit a variety of working styles and needs.

No matter your workplace vision, Agero is here to help bring your vision to life. Get in touch for a workplace strategy workshop.

Early Contractor Consultancy & Workplace Strategy