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Office Layout

Office layout has changed so much over the years that it deserves a definition. Previously confined to the furnishing of a tertiary space – chair, desktop, and meeting table mainly – it’s now multidisciplinary and ultra-strategic for employers who wish to attract and retain their employees. The trends are evolving and constantly changing to adapt to the new needs of this fast-paced environment.

The office speaks volumes about the business’ culture and values. Is your office layout designed to motivate and boost employee productivity and engagement? Find out more in this blog.


What is an office layout plan?

office layout plan

An office layout plan simply refers to the arrangement of a workspace or office. It includes important details like workroom dimension, design, furniture, decor, and other factors that contribute to a conducive work environment. But it’s worthy of note that many scenarios are taken into consideration when it comes to designing an office layout.


Depending on the kind of organisation your business is or the vibe and ambiance your organisation tends to give off, these little considerations have a significant effect. When considering office layout ideas, you’re probably thinking of the best office layout for productivity or privacy or maybe as simple as efficient office desks; whatever the thought may be, it’s best to grasp the different possibilities of office layout plans that exist.


Why are office layouts important?

Office layouts have an important influence on a wide variety of factors such as health, morale, inclusion, creativity, collaboration, productivity, and ultimately achieving your business goals. Let’s focus on a few:

  • Office design and productivity: Poorly designed office layout can have a huge effect on work. Many professionals indicate that their current workspace has had a major impact on their productivity. With a good office design, you can raise the level of productivity in your team by improving the work environment.


  • Office design and business goals: When we serve others, we become better. Goals to be achieved are a very powerful motivator and can be encouraged through the design of an office or other workspace. The design can equip employees with the right tools and space to do their best work – and indirectly tell them, active and passive, that their work is valued.

With less time spent thinking about their work environment, the more time employees can spend working and feeling fulfilled. Great office design improves mental health and makes it easy to focus on work.


5 Creative office layout ideas for inspiration

office layout ideas - biophilic design

Biophilic Design

The word “biophilic” may not be one with which we are very familiar. It has only begun to gain notoriety in recent years when we talk about office renovations and decoration. It basically refers to everything related to design and nature. This involves drawing inspiration from elements and the natural world. For example, using the color green in certain aspects of the office, installing natural wood surfaces, natural plant decor, natural lighting, etc.


Biophilic design has increasingly become a popular design style as more businesses are moving towards sustainability. This style does not only promote sustainability but it helps improve a wholesome workspace and the general well-being of the team.


Communal Office Layout

Workspaces are starting to look more collaborative; and of such is the communal office layout, a highly energized work environment best for team interaction and even remote employees. This layout idea removes any form of separation like walls, cubicles, dividers, etc. Instead, you’ll find colorful comfortable furnishings and subtle coffee tables spread around the open sitting area, giving that ‘communal vibe’.


During break times, there are comfortable spaces where you can relax and chat with your co-workers about matters outside the office. It enables employees to relax, unwind and socialise with others. This helps foster a sense of community as employees can strike a conversation with co-workers, build relationships and engagement.


Creative Zone Layout Design

Creativity is rising as an objective to implement in office fitout and refurbishment projects. It’s a new trend that encompasses the need to look for stimulating spaces can positively impact the employee’s creativity. An area can be dedicated to exhibiting the creative results made by employees or for brainstorming sessions. The layout design of this space is completely flexible and creatively done to inspire the imagination. This can includes things like a long desk, whiteboard, vibrant colors, paintings, company awards, and framed motivational quotes to inspire the team.


This office layout idea can foster a network of inspiring materials while enhancing community spirit.


Modern Layout – Glass Partitions

office glass partitions

Another great modern office layout idea is using glass partitions. Many offices and corporate buildings are opting to incorporate more layout design with glass partitions in their workspaces to give it that chic, modern edge.


The transparent nature of glass also gives the impression of honesty and trustworthiness to potential customers. These days, various treatments, advanced printing techniques and signage can add a unique look to your office glazing while still keeping you on brand.


Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a great benefit of glass partitions is their ability to make the most of natural light. No one wants to work in a dull, dark environment, and by installing glass partitions, you can transform your workspace into a brighter, more energetic place. Artificial lighting is sometimes insufficient for pleasant work in an office or business premises, so it’s a good idea to improve this by introducing as much natural lighting as possible – plus, you’ll save on lighting!



A workspace that feels like home

office kitchen design

The trend of making employees feel at home in the workplace is proven to be effective, both in large and single-person offices. This type of workspace design favors an open floor layout with more personal decorations and plush couches.


Introducing thoughtful home comforts in certain areas can really go a long way in making your employees appreciate their work and the environment that has been created for them. Modern entertainment and aesthetics like a cozy couch, hanging chairs, coffee machine, plants and flowers and even scent diffusers bring personality, colour and inspiration.


Also, providing facilities that allow employees to bring their pets, or even their young children, to work is another way to prevent them from rushing home at the end of the day. However, it’s important to consider the distracting impact this could have during the workday too.


How to Plan/Choose an Office Layout Design

efficient layout for productivity

Planning or choosing an office layout design may not be as easy as it sounds, especially with the various types and creative design ideas available. You might get stuck trying to pick a style. To avoid this, it’s important to outline the goal of the layout first;

  • what challenges are your team currently facing?
  • What are you trying to achieve with the office layout design?
  • Do you want to reduce distraction or noise?
  • Are you looking for a more sustainable fitout?
  • Do you want to improve privacy? Or do you want to promote teamwork and collaboration? Whichever it may be, defining your goal gives you a clear picture of what you and your employees need.


After considering these points, the next step is to plan your office layout, but the question is how to do it? Well, here are a couple of steps that can help you out;

1. Assess your current situation. What are the challenges your employees are facing? Determine the fundamental features of your organizational processes, such as how much time employees invest at their desks, conference rooms, and other office locations, and then assess how much space each unit needs.

2. Get to know the different personalities and work styles of your employees. This may seem extra but it’s necessary to help decide on the best-suited layout design. Some people or teams need quiet spaces, others need collaborative areas with their colleagues. Don’t forget break out areas and amenities – they’re important for relaxation and boosts social connection.

3. Create a design brief. After you’ve determined your requirements and the available area, you’ll need to work with a designer to create a proper design brief. Better yet, pick an interior construction company with in-house architects – that way you get both functional and beautiful design that can be constructed within budget.

4. Make a financial plan. Redesigning your office won’t come with cost. Establish a clear budget for your office redesign or refurbishment.


Need Office Layout Ideas? Talk to the Office Fitout Pros

Your office space should not only be a welcoming place for your employees, but also for your clients. First impressions are always a crucial thing when it comes to securing any business deal.  Whether it’s refurbishing the office, sprucing up an existing office layout, or designing a new fitout, Agero can help.

For more tips on how you can improve your office layout or office layout ideas, speak to Agero today.

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