Office Furniture

Selecting the right office furniture for your workspace is closely aligned with employee experience and therefore subsequently, productivity and organisational culture. We can provide assistance with the right advice helping you balance between practical, performance and cosmetic functions.

Procurement management - Office Furniture Melbourne

The furniture market is wide and Fitout and Joinery design possibilities endless. Work 1 to 1 with our fitout design consultants to assist you procuring your Office Furniture across Australia and the Globe at the lowest possible cost utilising our transparent Joint Venture methodology.

Office Furniture - Ergonomics

Business owners and managers need to be concerned about the physical and mental wellness of their workforce due to the proven connection to organisational productivity and profitability. Therefore, employee health and well-being and ergonomic furniture selection goes hand in hand. At Office Fitout Collective we see “Sitting as the new smoking” and we believe that we are only starting to scratch the surface of our understanding to the adverse effects of our sedentary lifestyle.

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