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An inspiring workplace can be the cornerstone of employee happiness and correlates directly with the success of a company.

It’s common knowledge among employers that investing back into their team members is one of the most effective ways to ensure work satisfaction and naturally encourage a heightened quality of work.

With COVID-19 pushing the world to embrace technology and work from home, the requirements of the workspace have changed dramatically. Many companies are rethinking their office fitout to ensure it properly aligns with this new way of working alongside their growth objectives, vision and values.

So how exactly can the right office fitout help your business grow?

  1. Enhance employee productivity and performance.
  2. Save money through hybrid working office design.
  3. Strengthen brand image.
  4. Attract new clients and retain talent.
  5. Optimise space so it is fit for purpose.
  6. Ensure up-to-date technology to enhance communication.
  7. Reduce energy consumption and waste.


1. An office fitout can enhance employee productivity and performance


Employees that love coming into the office every day tend to stay longer, work harder and have a greater level of work satisfaction. An attractive office fitout leads to workers feeling more motivated and enthusiastic about work. This leads to less employee turnover.

Employee productivity

The office fitout can also boost productivity by providing spaces for various working styles such as collaborative work, introvert work and creative work, as well as social occasions. A well organised office space has proven to speed up work time again and again. Your business can also boost efficiency by using ergonomic furnishings which supports the health and wellbeing of your employees, as well as making them more comfortable.

Lighting is another important element that can influence productivity, mood and health. Insufficient lighting can cause headaches, fatigue and eyestrain amongst your staff. The right lighting can help employees focus on their work and increase their productivity.

Cluttered desks (or a messy space) can also increase stress. Creating dedicated storage spaces will help establish orderliness and enhance productivity by many folds. Or add a bit of greenery and indoor plants to your workplace to help reduce stress. Many studies have shown the benefits of having plants in the workplace and their positive impact on wellbeing and productivity.


2. Hybrid working office design can save you money


Behaviours within the workplace have forever been changed by Covid-19. Gone are the days of cubicles and workstations.

Employees are now, more than ever, wanting the flexibility to work part of their week from home and part from the office. The way they use the office space has also changed. The office is now more of a space for collaboration and social interaction, with more introverted and administrative work being completed at home.

Employing an effective hybrid working model can save the business money by reducing the space the business occupies and reducing the office rent. Rent is a significant cost – generally the second or third biggest cost – within a business. By redesigning your space to cater for hybrid working you can better satisfy the needs of your team while reducing your office footprint.


3. How an office fitout can strengthen your brand image

Telstra Purple

First impressions count.

A professional office fitout that is in alignment with your brand guidelines helps you create a great impression when clients first enter your space. The aesthetic you choose to represent yourself sends a clear message to your clients and your employees.

Branding your office using design elements also helps to create a cohesive and consistent space where employees are fully absorbed in the brand – which helps to build an internal culture. Many design elements can also lead to improved creativity, focus and evoke certain feelings.

Colour psychology is an important concept to consider in office fitouts. The colours you select for your walls, carpet and furniture will influence the mood of all those in your workplace. Every business has a vision, values and culture they want to nurture. The office fitout can emanate this ie. if a value of the business is creativity, it’s important for the business to have creative spaces, creative design etc.


4. Ways to attract new clients and retain employees through office design


The office space is another opportunity for you to create a memorable brand experience and lasting impression on clients and employees. Workplaces looking to entertain and impress are now using more creative and social elements such as bars, game rooms and cooler spaces in their office fitout.



Breaks are important – all work and no play can lead to burnout. That’s why many businesses are incorporating games room when designing their office fitout to encourage employees to destress, unwind and enjoy being at work. These games rooms make a statement about your work culture and can be used to attract and retain talent. It’s also a great way to develop bonding and communication within a team and create a sense of unity.


Commercial office fitou - Whispir

Showcase your brand and business to clients in an authentic way with an office bar. Bars make an excellent addition to the workplace, helping to strengthen employee and client relationships and offering a place to relax and have some fun. Plus, no more stressing about where to hold after work drinks after a long day.

Take inspiration from Whispir’s new office fitout and feature bar. With a modular design, the entire fitout – even the bar – is relocatable should Whispir decide to move to another building at the end of their lease.


Having a reputation for a stylish, modern and innovative office can also create a huge competitive advantage for you. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to spread the word and win new clients – if your office is a talking point this can facilitate this process.


5. A fitout optimises your space so it is fit for purpose


The office is becoming more of a space for collaboration, creativity and cross-pollination. Knowledge-intensive and non-routine workers need different types of spaces to best facilitate their work. This means fit-for-purpose – and potentially less – space.

With the rapid changes in where and how we work, many offices may find they are sitting on underutilised space that could be put to better use. A workplace strategy can assess exactly how your employees are utilising your space, working styles, what spaces they need and allow you to see what space can be redeployed to help them work their best.

The right office fitout will sweat every square centimetre, fully utilising the available space and providing employees with a safe and productive place to work – no matter their working style. Even something simple such as shifting walls and furniture or reconfiguring the layout can lead to a huge return on a small investment.

If you’re looking to refurbish or move to a new office, use tools like a fitout space calculator – it’ll also give you an estimate of the cost – to determine how much space you need.


6. Updating technology in the workplace to enhance communication


Technology has played a crucial role during the pandemic, facilitating the shift from offline to online for many daily activities such as work, meetings, learning and shopping.

With remote working and a decentralised workforce, the need for efficient technologies, devices and networks is critical for efficiency and connectivity. Tech systems and digital collaboration are now essential for productivity.

An office fitout is a great time to consider updating your technology and investing in faster connectivity (ie. Wi-Fi), video conferencing, sound systems, audio visual for presentations etc. In the age of hybrid working, communication is more important than ever and equipping your office with video conferencing technology will provide for enhanced communication and business productivity.


7. Sustainable office fitout design to reduce waste


Implement energy efficient and sustainable design when undertaking an office fitout or refurbishment of the existing space. From making use of natural light to smart sensors for heating and cooling, conservation of energy and water initiatives deliver immediate utility cost savings and long-term benefits for the environment.

The layout of the room can impact how much lighting, heating and cooling is needed e.g. open plan space versus a meeting room. Use plants as a natural way to enhance air quality and keep cool. Colour too can play a role with darker colours absorbing more heat while lighter colours tend to reflect light and heat.


Minimise fit out waste, maximise resource recovery

When undergoing a refurbishment or office fitout, much, if not all fitout waste is thrown away, straight to landfill. Sustainable Stripout is helping businesses move towards net zero waste, through maximising resource recovery and recycling unwanted resources and waste from fitouts, stripout and make good.

A minimum of 70% of stripout and fitout waste is diverted from landfill. Quality, second hand furniture and equipment that is no longer needed is sold through a match buyer program with all proceeds donated to a charity of your choice – or support our mission to build a Youth Centre.


Right now, you’re likely to be sitting on under-utilised space.

It might be time to rethink, redesign and deploy your space to attract top talent, boost productivity and enhance wellbeing.

Book in a workplace strategy or complimentary call with the Agero team today to optimise your office fitout for business growth.


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