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Commercial Office Fitout - TE Capital, L20 350 Queen St

Balancing Commercial Office Fitouts: Costs and Designs

So, you have decided that it is time to give your commercial office a face-lift. Great news. Optimising your commercial office is linked to increased employee satisfaction, productivity and well-being. In fact, a study by Future Workplace found that the right office environment can boost productivity by 67%. But while commercial office fitouts offer a…
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workplace technology

Workplace Technology Changing the Office

Workplace technology has been the cornerstone of office evolution and revolution since the 1980s when personal computers were first introduced into the workplace. Since then, several pieces of workplace technology have continued to revolutionise the way we operate, collaborate and communicate at work.   Workplace Technology evolution   Cloud Computing Cloud computing had a huge…
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Sustainable Stripout

Benefits of a Strip Out Before Renovation

Strip outs are a vital part of the construction, demolition and renovation process, providing several benefits to tenants and landlords alike. Whether you are planning to redesign, renovate or relocate, a strip out should be the first step of that process to ensure that you are avoiding unnecessary costs while making the most of your…
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Office productivity

How Office Space Affects Office Productivity

The pandemic age has forced us towards a more dynamic, hybrid working environment, we must ask ourselves, how do office spaces affect productivity? It is no secret that our physical surroundings have a large impact on how we feel, think and work. Whether at home or the office, our physical environment can either substantially diminish…
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Commercial Office Fitout - TE Capital, L18 350 Queen St

How An Office Fitout Can Help Your Business Grow

An inspiring workplace can be the cornerstone of employee happiness and correlates directly with the success of a company. It’s common knowledge among employers that investing back into their team members is one of the most effective ways to ensure work satisfaction and naturally encourage a heightened quality of work. With COVID-19 pushing the world…
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Office fitout and office refurbishment

Difference Between Office Fitout vs Office Refurbishment

As office leasing activity picks up and we welcome a ‘COVID normal’, landlords looking to attract and retain quality tenants are turning to fitouts and refurbishment. With businesses moving to a hybrid model of working, tenants and their employees now expect the office commute to be worth making a trip. Health and wellbeing amenities, social…
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melbourne office fit out design

How Melbourne leads the world in Office Fitout Design

Office fitout has come a very long way in a short period of time. When I was first plucked out of RMIT to work for a local design and construction firm in Melbourne, let’s just say whatever the ancient design trend at the time was, it would soon be over-run by the relentless and logarithmic…
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Clean desk, fresh start!

How to clean your desk for a fresh new year start We’ve all been there. You promised to be a better version of you: productive, organised. You had read Marie Kondo and spent a few hours rummaging through your drawers trying to identify the objects that would bring a spark of ‘joy’. Despite all that…
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office inducements

Office Inducements and Incentives – What you need to know

MARKET INSIGHTS, GIVING YOU THE KNOWLEDGE AND PUTTING MONEY BACK INTO YOUR BUSINESS Everyone comes across the terms, inducements and incentives, in relation to office leasing. However, surprisingly not everyone in business knows what they really are all about.   Office inducements and incentives in a nutshell: Businesses that operate within the commerce centres of…
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Commercial Office Amenities: Essential Luxuries or Luxury Essentials?

A simple understanding of building amenities for the rich and famous. Concierge service, restaurants and bars, valet parking, gymnasiums, an architecturally acclaimed lobby – no this is not an excerpt from the luxury hotel brochure you’re considering for your next holiday, they are just some of the amenities you can expect in today’s commercial office…
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