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office layout ideas - glass partitions

Office Layout Planning And Ideas

Office layout has changed so much over the years that it deserves a definition. Previously confined to the furnishing of a tertiary space – chair, desktop, and meeting table mainly – it’s now multidisciplinary and ultra-strategic for employers who wish to attract and retain their employees. The trends are evolving and constantly changing to adapt…
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what is hot desking

What is Hot Desking and Does it Work?

Over the past decade, corporate culture has gradually inched away from the traditional office setting to the more liberal options of remote work, open plan offices and coworking spaces. The COVID pandemic and all the lockdowns and restrictions accelerated that change even further. This paradigm shift has promoted the rise of several business trends such…
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plywood interior design

It’s Trending: Plywood Design – Office Fit Out Interior Design

The landscape of Australian interior design is constantly evolving. New and reimagined styles frequently come and go, with designers seeking fresh ways to utilise classic materials or introduce modern features to represent the architectural climate of the time. One quintessential design staple that has made a grand resurgence in recent years is plywood. Trending throughout…
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sustainable fitout

Five Tips For Creating a Sustainable Fitout

The green pressure is on the rise. As the world moves towards more sustainable products, services and processes, there is growing social pressure on businesses to adapt and comply. More and more organisations, as well as property owners, are becoming aware and now concerned with reducing the environmental impact and improving the well-being of their…
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Principal Contractor

What is a Principal Contractor & Why you Need One for your Next Fitout

Planning your dream office fitout is an extremely exciting process. When you do begin to plan out your vision, it’s full of exhilaration, cutting edge design and innovative ideas. But one often overlooked aspect of planning your office fitout is your essential obligations. One of which is to appoint a principal contractor responsible for ensuring…
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healthcare and medical fitout

How A Healthcare and Medical Fitout Improves the Patient Experience

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of options for healthcare. To reach today’s savvy, selective healthcare consumers, a well-designed and thoughtful healthcare and medical fitout is key to ensuring an exceptional patient experience. A positive patient experience is a driving force that will get patients coming back and boost your financial outcomes. Your healthcare and medical fitout,…
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Commercial Office Fitout - TE Capital, L20 350 Queen St

Balancing Commercial Office Fitouts: Costs and Designs

So, you have decided that it is time to give your commercial office a face-lift. Great news. Optimising your commercial office is linked to increased employee satisfaction, productivity and well-being. In fact, a study by Future Workplace found that the right office environment can boost productivity by 67%. But while commercial office fitouts offer a…
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workplace technology

Workplace Technology Changing the Office

Workplace technology has been the cornerstone of office evolution and revolution since the 1980s when personal computers were first introduced into the workplace. Since then, several pieces of workplace technology have continued to revolutionise the way we operate, collaborate and communicate at work.   Workplace Technology evolution   Cloud Computing Cloud computing had a huge…
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Sustainable Stripout

Benefits of a Strip Out Before Renovation

Strip outs are a vital part of the construction, demolition and renovation process, providing several benefits to tenants and landlords alike. Whether you are planning to redesign, renovate or relocate, a strip out should be the first step of that process to ensure that you are avoiding unnecessary costs while making the most of your…
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Office productivity

How Office Space Affects Office Productivity

The pandemic age has forced us towards a more dynamic, hybrid working environment, we must ask ourselves, how do office spaces affect productivity? It is no secret that our physical surroundings have a large impact on how we feel, think and work. Whether at home or the office, our physical environment can either substantially diminish…
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