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melbourne office fit out design

How Melbourne leads the world in Office Fitout Design

Office fitout has come a very long way in a short period of time. When I was first plucked out of RMIT to work for a local design and construction firm in Melbourne, let’s just say whatever the ancient design trend at the time was, it would soon be over-run by the relentless and logarithmic…
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Clean desk, fresh start!

How to clean your desk for a fresh new year start We’ve all been there. You promised to be a better version of you: productive, organised. You had read Marie Kondo and spent a few hours rummaging through your drawers trying to identify the objects that would bring a spark of ‘joy’. Despite all that…
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office inducements

Office Inducements and Incentives – What you need to know

MARKET INSIGHTS, GIVING YOU THE KNOWLEDGE AND PUTTING MONEY BACK INTO YOUR BUSINESS Everyone comes across the terms, inducements and incentives, in relation to office leasing. However, surprisingly not everyone in business knows what they really are all about.   Office inducements and incentives in a nutshell: Businesses that operate within the commerce centres of…
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Commercial Office Amenities: Essential Luxuries or Luxury Essentials?

A simple understanding of building amenities for the rich and famous. Concierge service, restaurants and bars, valet parking, gymnasiums, an architecturally acclaimed lobby – no this is not an excerpt from the luxury hotel brochure you’re considering for your next holiday, they are just some of the amenities you can expect in today’s commercial office…
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Sunshine Fun City Demolition & Clean Up

  Our team at Agero Group are not just your average design and construction group creating inspiring and efficient working environments.   We’ve come to the aid of one of Agero’s respected property clients. Over the past few days, Agero has successfully completed the demolition works of Fun City Sunshine. The burnt down go-kart track…
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columns in the office

Office Design: Working with Columns

The post and the beam were the very first building technique civilised society ever developed as can be seen in centuries of ‘columns’ throughout the world. From ancient Rome to modern Melbourne, we have looked to the building column for support. But as building technology advanced, with developments in structure design, materials and techniques, newer…
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Melbourne congestion levy

De-congesting the Congestion Levy – 5 Lessons to Save you Money!

Avoid a simple sneeze turning into a serious case of parking influenza. Congestion levy. Another cost to CBD based businesses being implemented throughout major global cities in an attempt to cut down the number of cars in the city predominantly to reduce traffic congestion but with the obvious environmental concerns also relevant. The Victorian government…
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office cooling

Keep your Office Cool Without Costing you Big Time 

Without a doubt air conditioning is the biggest cost pitfall in a building. Commonly referred to as ‘mechanical services’, we break this down to help all the non-engineers understand what is involved in air-conditioning and what you need to know to save yourself money on office cooling. The ‘Need the Knows’ on Office Cooling and…
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Make good

Negotiating Around the Make Good Clause

A make good clause is an owner’s assurance that once the tenant has left their space they return it back to them in the same condition that they found it. This would generally mean, in terms of an office fitout, the removal of all fixed and non-fixed partitions, features, furniture, electrical and building services. It…
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Office move

Time Your Office Move and Save

Moving an office is a lot of work and a stressful time. When it isn’t planned well, it could lead to disruption in productivity, costing your business money. There’s also a set end date for the lease and a tight deadline to follow to avoid complications. Make relocating office less of a headache with these…
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